Work MINE Vision

New Crypto Token Backed by Work

Project Summary

We will provide four platforms:

Search Engine & SNS for local information
MINE jobs
Freelancing platform
MINE market
Digital content market place
MINE articles
Article media

These are ecosystem affect each other deeply through MINE token.

Kindly access the private sale page, If you would like to more infomation and purchase MINE Token.

MINE Token And Work Mine Vision

The source of worth is based on added value created by humans, and those who create worth are evaluated equally.

This is Work MINE Vision

Issuing tokens by work is named Work Mining.

The MINE token come from "the token is mine" and "mining" tokens.

As the first step toward realizing Work MINE Vision,

(1) We will provide platforms where anyone can work and platforms where people can buy and sell creative products and works
(2) User's work is evaluated correctly by Raters, and
(3) MINE tokens are issued according to the worth given to the platform by the users.

As a result,
(4) The worth of platforms itself, the quality of service provided by platforms are stable, and
(5) The worth of the MINE token is maintained.

MINE tokens are issued to those who contribute to each platform.



This is a huge project!

VisualEarth is a search engine & SNS for local information, such as sightseeing spots, shops, and local news.

You can learn everything up to little-known spots only the locals know, just like you are walking around town enjoying the atmosphere. Before taking a trip or moving to a new town, you can get a feel for the local atmosphere and what sort of shops and sightseeing spots are there from the town’s scenery.

Even people who live in the community can learn about out-of-the-way shops and the products or menus they offer, rediscovering the charm of their community.

If you follow a user who is familiar with the area, you can also get information on well-kept-secret places. If VisualEarth is established as a site that can be used on a daily basis, it can become a social infrastructure.

Kindly read the whitepaper to see what features VisualEarth has, what premium services it offers, and what token economy it forms.

MINE jobs

A freelance platform that connects clients and freelancers.

Many freelance platforms cost about 3% on the client-side and 10-20% on the freelancer side. One reason for the high service fee is that it costs money for credit card payments and remittance fees.

MINE jobs will allow freelancers to use MINE token as a payment method.

Since it is possible to reduce settlement fees and remittance fees, including remittances across countries, the client-side can reduce costs and the freelance side can get higher rewards.

MINE market

A platform where creators can sell mainly digital content. Creators can easily register products and sell them with a single URL.

There are many digital content marketplaces. However, in many cases, it takes 5%-10% of sales and fixed costs of $0.25- $0.40 per settlement. This will not allow creators to sell from a single photo.

However, using MINE token, it is possible to operate with a lower settlement fee and to make a small payment. TakeOff Payment allows each sale to be made off-chain and actual withdrawals to be made on-chain.

MINE market is also linked to VisualEarth.

MINE articles

A platform where writers can sell articles. Writers also can publish articles for free and collect donations.

The advantage of using MINE token as a payment method and the token economy is almost the same as MINE market.

MINE articles is integrated with VisualEarth. Writers can post articles such as recommended sightseeing routes, sight reports, and the cultures of each country.

Posted articles are shown to various places in VISUALEARTH. Part of donation or the sale will be the income of the original article writer.

Kindly read the whitepaper to see how these four platforms are related and why they increase token liquidity.


If you are interested in business cooperations or purchasing MINE tokens, please contact us.

About us

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VisualEarth OÜ
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Männimäe/1, Pudisoo küla, Kuusalu vald,
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